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We are constructing a space where the end of life can be accompanied by maximum dignity, safety and warmth

We want the process to be as comfortable as possible for the people attended to and their families.


A pioneer project in attention to palliative care, the end of life and the process of grieving.
With your support we can achieve it.

How do we do it?

The principles that will guide the model of care:

A centre integrated into the social and health care fabric of the territory. We propose a change in the model of palliative care to improve the quality of life, comfort and welfare for the person concerned and their family.

The project that we propose means a change in the model of palliative care to improve the quality of life, comfort and welfare for the person concerned and their family.

Dying is the last stage of the lifelong journey and for that stage we want to improve the spaces that have been prepared for accompaniment and care.

Privacy, family and children

The rooms will all be singles and a good size, averaging 24 m2. There will be common areas with reading rooms and an office to make teleworking easier for family members. Children will also have a space to be, where they be with the family and the person being cared for.

Lighting, harmony and balance

Good light, ventilation and balance in the spaces will be a constant factor. The building will combine both warm and indirect lighting and will make the space-time orientation easier.
The new centre will also have a wellness garden to stimulate the senses and enjoy fresh air and nature.

Opening, common areas and welcome

This will be an open space not only for the people being attended and their families, but also for the whole community, with direct access from the street.
It will be perfectly adapted to encourage mobility and generate meeting points and community activities with two multipurpose rooms.

Make a donation! Let’s make it possible!

Make a donation!
Let’s make it possible!

At Sant Andreu Salut we care for life when it becomes delicate. We are starting an ambitious project, but above all very human, which we will develop with the maximum excellence.

Financial donations will make it possible to create this place and introduce a new concept which is intended to break down barriers and emphasise a dignified accompaniment, intimate and comfortable for people.

Teaming is an online platform for raising funds for social causes through mini donations of €1 a month.

Here is a link which you can use to start contributing to the project through this platform.

With your mobile phone you can make a donation by Bizum using the following code:


You need only access your bank from the mobile app and then, in the Bizum send and receive section, you choose “Gift to a solidarity cause”. That’s where you put in the campaign code.

You can make your donation through a card payment. Also, if you wish, you can automatically create a donation certificate.

We also have two account numbers for transfers:

ES67 2100 0017 5502 0095 8583 (CaixaBank)

ES35 0182 8618 9302 0008 9480 (BBVA)

To sort out your queries, or if you need more information or a donation certificate, please send a mail to captaciodefons@santandreusalut.cat

You’d like to collaborate with our project? Let’s get together!

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